Hi everyone!

Although massage services HAVE been authorized by the State of CA and San Diego County to start up again effective 6/19/2020, it’s not as simple as it may sound. All therapists have been advised to “proceed with the utmost caution,” and only if we are comfortable to do so. Meanwhile, the numbers for COVID-19 continue to rise.

I have sent several emails to both the State of CA Public Health Department and the County of San Diego to clarify their direction regarding mobile/outcall/in-home massage and also corporate massage work. (Yes, that is my entire business model!) Since mobile massage had only been addressed in a 45-page Federated Guideline document about a month ago, where it stated that it is “strictly prohibited,” it has virtually gone unaddressed. After getting tossed back and forth from State to County to State again, I finally got a definite answer…..

6/19/2020 “Mobile Massage is NOT permitted at this time as one cannot control the sanitation of the environment.” – CA Dept of Public Health.

And so we wait.

As frustrating as it is to not be working for the last few months, I am trusting that this directive is the best choice in order to protect me and all of you, my valued clients, as we get through this global pandemic. This invisible virus, although sometimes we question it’s existence, REALLY IS NO JOKE. When I heard of a few friends and colleagues who had contracted it and suffered GREATLY for many weeks, (without any preexisting conditions and no idea where it originated), I had to really stop myself. I definitely don’t want to get it! And I don’t want anyone else to, either. So, if means not getting your massage for a little while longer, I hope you can be patient and understand that this is for the best. If you would like any tips/techniques on how you can relieve muscle pain or stress in the safety of your own home, please reach out as I am happy to help in any way I can.

I am looking into renting a studio to do massage in the near future, which I will have complete control of sanitization and new protocols relating to COVID and keeping everyone as safe as possible. So, if you are antsy for bodywork, and not willing to wait until mobile massage is an approved service (it could be a long time!!), I hope you will consider coming in to see me in the meantime. I promise it will be worth it!

Stay safe and healthy!



I am a Nationally/Board Certified Massage/Bodyworker, Sole Proprietor, and simply love what I do!

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