Corporate Chair Massage


WHY CORPORATE CHAIR MASSAGE?  Studies have shown that companies that have implemented a corporate chair massage service have had MANY positive effects.  Massage not only greatly increases morale amongst employees but it reduces the amount of employee sick days and health claims filed.  Corporate chair helps to reduce stress levels, increases the “feel good” hormones in your brain, increases alertness, decreases muscle tension, and increases white blood cells which, in turn, boosts your immune system.  Employees actually become rejuvenated, more productive and generally easier to communicate with.  It’s a proactive easy health benefit to provide at the workplace; benefitting both employees and employer.


REQUEST A FREE DEMO!  Let’s schedule a meeting so we can discuss the benefits of massage at your workplace and experience a chair massage first hand!

Corporate Chair Massage is a perfect addition to any corporation, big or small.  I will happily customize my Corporate Chair Massage service to meet the needs of your company.

WHAT TO EXPECT~  I bring everything!  All I need from you is a space to work!  That space could be a conference room, a supply room, a lobby area, an office that isn’t being used…. I can (and have!) make/made practically any area work!

I will bring my massage chair, soothing music, sanitation supplies, candles (if your office permits), and other decor to make the “massage” area a tranquil, “zen” area in the office that feels like a blissful retreat “away from the office!”

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  Effective 1/1/20 my rate is $1.25/minute.  ($25 for a 20 minute session)  Some companies choose to pay for their employees’ massage benefit.  Some partially subsidize.  Some simply allow me space to work and “provide the service offering,” in which case the employees are responsible for paying for the entire service on their own.

FREQUENCY – Again, this is entirely up to you, the company.  Depending on the size of your company and the demand of my service, we can set up a schedule that meets your needs.  Weekly?  Bi-Monthly? Monthly?  Quarterly?  At a yearly employee appreciation function or company picnic event?  Let’s discuss your needs and make it happen!

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