What to expect…..

Once you have set up an appointment for a mobile massage with Debbie, all you really need to do is think of the best place in your home to receive your bodywork. The best place is somewhere peaceful, free of kids and pets, (preferably not up a flight or two of stairs!)

Debbie will confirm your appointment a day or two prior, however if your schedule changes before then, please contact her and make a change. Please note that DSQUARED BODYWORK has a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Plan on Debbie’s arrival 10-15 minutes before your scheduled massage time. She likes to be prompt, set up and begin the session on time. A nice hot shower before a massage is ALWAYS a good idea! Start warming up those muscles/fascia, and also start relaxing your mind. (Please do not be sweaty from working out.)

She brings her heated massage table, linens, blankets, music, essential oils and hypoallergenic cream to use during the session. Other items such as silicon cups, bamboo sticks, heated “stones”, gua sha and jade rolling tools may also be used (and requested in advance).

Please feel free to discuss any current pain, medical conditions, allergies, or goals/concerns for your session with Debbie. She wants you to feel totally comfortable and completely relaxed and satisfied with the time spent at your home.

While Debbie is washing up, you will undress to your comfort level (most people undress in full) and get UNDER the sheet/blanket on the table, facing up or down, as suggested by Debbie.

IS IT OK TO TALK DURING THE MASSAGE? Certainly! If you don’t want to talk, please don’t. If you want to, PLEASE DO! Most definitely speak up if anything is uncomfortable, if you want more or less pressure, or if you have ANY questions or concerns. There is no “rule” about talking. This is YOUR session.

Once the session is complete, and everything is being packed up, please pay for your massage (if it wasn’t prepaid) or present your gift certificate. Gratuity is gratefully accepted 🙂

Prebook your next massage before she leaves!

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